During your stay, you can take guided tours and explore the Cantina, Vineyards and small zoo on Tenuta.

You may also visit the small Sixteenth Century Church annexed to The Estate.
The Church is listed and forms part of the national museum. It is dedicated to the Beata Vergine Annunziata (Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin) and mass is celebrated on 25 March.

It rises on a Paleochristian Church; there are Roman findings and authentic capital of the Roman era.
The church holds Roman burial gravestones dated 300-400. Prof. Reale Grazzano Badoglio discovered them after a carbon 14 proof.

Roman gold coins were found in the underlying levels.
The 1500 statue of the Holy Mary (said to have granted numerous miracles) is in ancient wood.
Ancient Roman tombs were found in the foundations. The tiny church guards particular scents and fragrances.

Every year, The Tenuta San Martino participates in the event "CANTINE APERTE" (Open Cantinas), when you can visit our cantinas and taste our wines.

In the surrounding towns, you may also attend various events such as "RISO & ROSE IN MONFERRATO" (Rice and Roses in Monferrato), held annually for the entire month of June, or "VIGNALE DANZA" that takes place in Vignale Monferrato for the entire month of July.

From June to September, GASTRONOMIC FAIRS e TOWN FESTIVAL are held in Moncalvo, Casorzo, Grazzano Badoglio, Altavilla Monferrato, Calliano, Cereseto, Mombello and Frasinello.

You can also visit MONCALVO, the smallest city in Italy, as well as the "SANTUARIO DI CREA", renowned for its church and visits to its chapels.